Be a Writer

As you may know, we are a magazine that cares quite deeply about the topic of real estate. We constantly aim to provide articles which are geared towards providing our readers with knowledge, tips, and information that can help them better care for their homes and eventually look out for better real estate options in their future.

The topic of real estate is vast and has a lot of different branches that do hold their own level of importance. If we are to suitably provide our readers with information that is both unique and relevant, we will need to bring in more people for our writing team.

Would You Like to Write for Us?

Gulf Beach Realty is looking for more writers to join our team! Here are a few requirements that we are looking for:

Field Relevant Knowledge

If you’re an architect, interior designer, contractor, or anyone who has knowledge of a real estate-relevant field, we would love to have you write for us. We highly value the knowledge that is born from actual real-world experience.

Writing Experience

Of course, articulation of ideas takes a skill that is alien to many. If you are someone who has the knowledge and know-how on how to carefully build highly helpful articles, we would love to be a writer for us.

If you’re interested on finding out more information on how to apply and become a writer for us, please reach out to Mr. Thomas Sedgwick. He’ll be able to get you started on your application.