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Buyers Choice: Why Is Florida Ideal Real Estate Market for UK Buyers?

In recent years, Florida has definitely received an uptick in property buyers both local to the US and those that are foreign. Today, we wanted to talk about UK property buyers in particular.

Let’s get started!

UK buyers have definitely been in the top percentile of Florida property buyers. Here are a few reasons why:

Beach Front Property

People from the UK are generally used to rocky beaches. They’ve never really had the opportunity to really enjoy a wide variety of beaches.

Florida is a state which has that in spades! There are sandy beaches, beaches for surfing, beaches that may remind them of what’s familiar. Beach front real estate is typically a dream for many and UK buyers can make them come true in Florida.


The UK is generally known for having cold, windy, and rainy weather. Florida gives UK property buyers the chance to enjoy tropical weather for a majority of the year.

This grand contrast to what they have been used to can do wonders for constitutions that have long been pestered by mold and moist areas. A lot of ailments which have been linked to the cold weather of the UK tend to cure itself out due to prolonged exposure to tropical weather and climate.

So there you have it! What other reasons do you think Florida has enjoyed an uptick in UK property buyers? We’d love to hear your ideas about this.

Image source: realwealthnetwork.com